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Whether you run a small online business or a large e-Commerce store, users expect a safe online experience.
No website is impenetrable but I implement measures that make it harder for bots and hackers to succeed.

The most important way to prevent your WordPress from being hacked is to keep the theme, plugins and WordPress core up to date as well as having quality web hosting. As of January 2022, I now implement six additional layers of protection as standard on all builds.

HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security)
This is standard to protect visitors by ensuring that their browsers are always connect to a website over HTTPS.
SSL Certificates
SSL certificates are a small data files that establish an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This guarantees all data passed between the web server and browser are private.
Two Factor Authentication
Robust 2FA for administrators which involves a code being sent to a mobile device which needs to be entered as well as the login to grant access.
Malware Scanner
Block attempted intrusion, detect malicious activity, and provide strong security for your WordPress site.
Hide common paths
Rename and hides the WordPress core, plugins, and themes paths. Hacker bots won't even be able to identify your site as WordPress.
An application level firewall that filters out malicious requests to your website. This will automatically prevent SQL Injection and malicious file upload.

How secure is your website?