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A compilation of the most commonly asked web design questions
Check out this FAQ for answers to the most commonly asked questions I get asked. If you would like to know something not mentioned, drop me a mail or give me a call and I’ll be happy to assist.​

Websites vary in scale and functionality so it’s hard to give an accurate price without knowing your exact requirements. As a benchmark, a basic five-page website costs approximately $2,500. This does not include hosting or maintenance fees. The easiest way to get an accurate costing is to head over to the project planner and fill out the form.

Based on your brief, the examples given and our conversations, the site will be built in a development environment. I will present the initial design to you for your initial feedback. This should happen within approximately two weeks of project commencement. Your development site will be fully functional and you will be able to request changes to the design and functionality until you are completely happy. Once you are satisfied with the site, I will migrate the site to your chosen domain name.

I can say with absolute confidence, yes. In fact, most of the people I deal with are not technical and they have no issues at all. If you can use Microsoft Word then you can take control of your WordPress website. I’m happy to say that after the first month of the website launch, I rarely get asked for assistance as clients quickly get to grips with the system. Having said that, I’m a big fan of maintaining client relationships and I’m always on hand to offer support.

Assuming this is part of your quote I’ll set up a dedicated video channel for you. This is a permanent record of me narrating as I navigate your website. This has proven to be extremely popular and means that if you want a new staff member to maintain the site, you can with ease. They are individual videos and covers, but are not limited to:

  • Logging in to the backend
  • Changing text and adding pictures.
  • Adding new pages and adding them to the menu
  • Adding global site elements.
  • Embedding Vimeo and YouTube videos on pages
  • Adding users and assigning levels of access
  • Ecommerce  – managing orders and adding tracking to completed orders

a domain name is $20 per year and hosting for a basic website is $170 per year. If you wish to run an eCommerce website I would suggest a mid-tier plan which costs $312 per year. I am more than happy to establish domains and hosting for my clients as long as they accept that I will transfer them into their ownership after the site launch. Clients are notified directly when renewal is due. I do it this way because I think it’s important that everyone has complete control of their website and hosting environment and are not beholden to me in any way.

WordPress stands out as an incredibly popular platform, drawing significant attention due to its widespread use, some of this attention is unwelcome. Similar to your computer software, WordPress and it’s theme, plugins, and security patches must be updated to prevent access by bots, hackers, and viruses. Therefore, scheduling and implementing monthly updates is crucial for ensuring the platform’s security and functionality. By regularly maintaining your website through these updates and performing tasks like database optimizations, you contribute to a positive user experience.

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