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Are websites still relevant in 2022?

A website is your digital storefront and the place people initially come to learn about you and your business.
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Depending on the industry, a company’s website may have a significant impact on its performance. Many businesses fail to grasp that most of their customers will examine their websites before making contact.

Brand Awareness

A website is more than simply a nice gateway where you can show off your company’s critical information. Your company’s website may also be a significant brand recognition tool, promoting your business and communicating its message to potential customers. A good website may propel your company to the next level by improving your company’s online image.

Having a website allows you to reach out to more customers and expand your consumer base. Even if you have a respectable amount of people strolling into your physical store, a website may assist you in attracting the ideal clients for your business. You can grab the attention of your intended consumers and develop a sustainable business by utilising numerous digital marketing tactics.


One of the essential reasons for having a business website is to increase your company’s reputation. There are most likely other businesses that offer a comparable service to yours. One way to stand out is to have a website that creates a favourable image and successfully provides relevant information to your clients.

People may question your company’s trustworthiness if you do not have a website, it’s a way to make a great first impression and persuade clients that you’re a respectable operation.

SEO Ranking

You may be satisfied with the scale of your company right now, but every business has customer churn. To ensure continued success, you must draw new clients; one of the simplest ways to do that is to increase your exposure on Google.

Owning a website gives you access to a variety of tools and SEO methods and SEO is the key to getting your company to rank on Google’s front page. For example, the results you see after searching for web designers Hobart will appear because they have used good SEO tactics (or are running an AdWord campaign).

Search Engine Optimisation
Conversion rate

Boost Conversion Rate

A website is your platform for addressing all of your target groups’ basic questions about your organisation and brand. This is especially true for B2B marketing organisations. For example, website visitors would like to know what you are doing, what products/services you offer, where you are situated, how to reach you, and so on.

After they are satisfied with it all, they decide to choose whether or not to come back. Note that today’s consumers seek rapid satisfaction, so keep such information simple and to the point. Hence, having a professional website can ease the way you conduct business for both your employees and customers.

Professionally Designed Websites

Is your website professional and does it reflect the value of your brand? Going with the cheapest option may save you money, but it will not deliver the quality and results that you need to increase revenue.

Many businesses leverage their own IT department’s technical skills to build their website or hire a trusted digital marketer. Neither possesses an engineering background nor the necessary creative talents. Design and implementation are two separate abilities.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

The purpose of your website is to attract new clients and improve sales. If you employ a suitable call to action on your website, you will get more conversions.


With all of the reasons you need a website, you must also consider how it will be designed. Hiring a professional website designer may alleviate the burden of creating a quality design. Creating a website is a complex process that needs substantial technical skills in website building.

There’s no denying that Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms are effective platforms to boost your business. According to a recent report, almost 75% of the youth demographic use social media and use social media recommendations before making a purchase. However, the same report says that almost 61% of consumers use search engines for product research and online purchases. Therefore, websites are your best bet to generate leads that turn them into loyal customers. If you are looking for a Web designer in Hobart, please get in touch today.

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